PVC injection machine

PVC Injection machine is designed for pipe fitting production, our PVC injection molding machine invent a new technology, with the special screw and barrel design and temperature controller, it will help you build a pipe production line more easier and quickly. Purchase the PVC injection machine to start your pipe business.

PVC injection molding machine is also high speed blowing molding machine which is more suitable pipe fitting mould with the past years production PVC mould experience, even U.S. Plastic Corp, Flexible PVC pipe, Modern Plastics Company interesting our dakumar molding machinery.

PVC injection machine mainly makeup by the electric control system, hydraulic system and mechanical structures. Cooperation with the plastic mould it can solid plastic by heating, mixing, injection step.The whole process can be achieved manually, semi-automatic or fully automatic work.

PVC injection machine advantages:

    ◇High-rigidity casting clamping structure, low distortion design.

    ◇The gear transfer mode, transfer mode to improve the reliability and stability.

    ◇Clamping frame with steel strap, increased mechanical life and ensure the reliability of the machine high-speed operation

    ◇High response, low noise and energy-efficient circuit design.

    ◇Hydraulic and electrical components are world famous brand products.

    ◇Dual CPU speed control system

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PVC injection machine